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There is no completely acceptable substitute.
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Peerless Estate Sales Team

  • "All of it would go unnoticed without excellent customer service!" Downsizing, Death, Divorce or Dysfunction... no matter what you're facing, we're in the can't-take-it-with-you business, and we do it like nobody else.
  • Call me to find out for yourself!
  • ALLISON JONES Office Manager & Lead Cashier since 2011
  • With a degree in Animal Science from Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan, Allison's a dog lover, a cat lover... and a licensed PILOT!

  • "You have to protect the property during the sale and leave it empty-n-clean at the end" That means coordinating a lot of resources! The condition of the house after the sale is the most important part of our service. Your realtor will consider it to be move-in ready." Click on Shopping above then Sale Calendar to check our availability. Are we already booked for the weekend you wanted? Call us anyway. We can handle 2-3 sales per week!
  • BRIAN PETERSON Operations Manager since 2005
  • A native Oregonian, Brian grew up in Laurelhurst, one of Portland's 100-year-old neighborhoods. He's our rock. Dedication, sound judgement, and a great sense of ownership.

  • "Nothing is more important than how the sale LOOKS." It's all in the merchandising. I'm a stylist, but this is no hair dryer! It's a heat gun for shrink-wrapping -- my weapon against loose parts and unruly collectibles. I'll make the whole place look like a retail store, promise. Come back for your walk-through the day before we open and you'll see!"
  • SUSAN SCHAUS Sr. Merchandising Associate since 2002
  • A born-and-bred New Yorker, Susan spent 8 years in the City's jewelry market with A. Jaffee & Sons Jewelers on 5th Avenue with renowned designer Penny Preville.

  • "Turn chaos in CASH!" Come on you guys! Our service is all about sales, and that means everything -- from fine art and furniture to the garden tools and the welcome mat. Don't give it all away, and don't throw anything out! Let us decide what's trash and what's treasure. Your commission rate is based on total sales -- the higher sales grow the lower the commission rate goes so every dime counts!"
  • GARY NEWTON Sr. Project Manager/Owner since 2000
  • Gary grew up in New York's Borscht Belt resort area and honed his customer service and training skills after his greatest employment experience with Four Seasons Hotels.

  • "You've got to price it right, that's all" Well, you want the stuff to sell, don't you? Collector's guides, websites and auction records are nice, but you also need the experience of selling literally thousands of things a week. Condition, decorative appeal, even the neighborhood effects value. Trends and fads -- what are people buying today? Everything in your house has a Fair Market Value. It's our job to know what it is."
  • AL CARDER Generalist Appraiser since 2001
  • Retired Director of Labor Relations for Safeway Coporation, Al remains a Management Trustee on The Western Conference of Teamsters Trust.

  • "Use all the internet resources you can." Let the whole world in on it! We only get one chance to sell your things and we want sales to be as high as possible. ebay isn't the best place to sell everything -- it would be nearly impossible. But if we do find something special, you can watch it sell right here on our website! See what I've got listed today: click on Shopping above, then ebay today. It only takes two bidders with the desire and money to win for HOT AUCTION ACTION!"
  • MITCH MEGAW On-Line Sales Associate since 2008
  • Mitch is our pop culture collectibles smarty-pants! And even though Gary is the singer in the group? Mitch knows way more show tunes :)

Bill Mack Bronze Statue, female nude
JUST SOLD   $3270.00
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Lalique Cherises Crystal Pendant
JUST SOLD   $611.00
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Military Insignia
JUST SOLD   $305.00
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1916 K.Kamaka Ukulele from Honolulu, Hawaii
JUST SOLD   $1300.00
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Client Feature
"I haven't seen the kind of wonderful treasure-hunt estate sales such as yours here in L.A. Thanks for your kindness and signature warm personality that make all your sales such a treat."

-Hollis Jordon, Los Angeles CA
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Tammy Lang
"You have a very friendly and efficient staff. Until I shopped your sales, I didn't like estate sales. You turned me around!"

-Tammy Lang, Portland
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