appraisal icon Appraisal Services

PEERLESS Estate Sales offers a full compliment of professional appraisal services and provides clients with an accurate, impartial, and informed Fair Market Values (FMV) of each object based on current market conditions.

Clients choose an Appraiser to document the value of fine art for insurance purposes, pricing antique and contemporary furniture and collectibles for sale at estate sales, entire households for the purpose of equitable distribution, as well as services required in the instance of Probate or divorce which require a FMV for dissolution.

If you are being advised by an attorney, get specific need and direction regarding the level of detail required for your particular reporting requirement. We can work under any circumstances and time and cost will vary accordingly. For example:

An appraisal report which lists: “China Cabinet with contents $” does not take as long to prepare as

  • “China Cabinet $”
  • “Crystal Candle Sticks $”
  • “Set of China $”
  • “Set of Stemware $”
  • “Flatware $”
  • “Misc Holiday $” and so on.

Naturally, the more detailed the report, the more accurate the value of all items with respect to maker, age, quality and condition, but often general estimates will suffice.

The best advice we can offer in preparation for an appraisal is to have all items out and available for easy inspection and handling. Separate things which do not need to be appraised, and have any known information (family provenance) easily available so your Appraiser can work quickly through the collection with minimal questions or direction.

Appraisal services are billed on an hourly basis with a 2-hour minimum which will include research, report preparation, photography (if required) and often travel time.