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We’re in the can’t-take-it-with-you business, and in one way or another…they’re all moving sales. It’s a blessing when people can live in the comfort of the family home their whole lives, and many consider it an equal gift to be relieved of the responsibilities of upkeep, maintenance and unnecessary space of a large house. We understand what an important decision it is to downsize, and we invite you to make PEERLESS part of your plan.


Moving is hard enough! The added responsibility of selling belongings, cleaning a home, and preparing the property itself for sale can feel nearly overwhelming. The last thing you’ll have time or energy to do is dispose of the leftovers yourself. If you’re not able to take everything, or just don’t want to pack all this stuff you’ll never need again, give yourself a break – plan on having it all sold after you’ve moved and your old home will be left empty and clean by the PEERLESS Estate Sales team

“…keep it, or sell it?”

Moving companies charge by weight! Not only will you make money from the sale of unnecessary property, but you’ll also save the packing and shipping costs. You won’t have to throw anything out, clean, or figure out how to give it all away. Our clients don’t worry that anything is being handled irresponsibly. We represent literally thousands of pieces a week – finding new homes for your things in exchange for a reasonable selling price.

And if you’ve even been thinking about renting a storage unit for all the things you don’t have room for, allow us to offer some friendly council: We’ve been asked to liquidate many storage units for people just like you who moved, and are tired of paying monthly storage fees for things they now realize they just never needed again in the first place. Consider the monthly expense of storage in comparison to the ability to replace the things you are thinking of storing? You may be continuing to invest in things which are constantly DEpreciating. On more than occasion, we have been asked to liquidate storage units which have been kept and paid for by our client for more than 5 years... more than 10 years. Selling the contents on consignment with us and receiving some payment for it in the future is NOT the goal of the project. Eliminating the monthly expense as soon as possible for our client-- IS!

We’ve helped executives liquidate their local home because their position has been moved out of state or out of the country! We work closely with the realtors and property management companies to meet tight deadlines, liquidate the property, and mail our clients a check!

Another recent client moved across town, but was planning a completely new life style and décor. The sale of her old style helped to pay for a whole new design concept!

A spacious 5-bedroom home was just too much for a dear sweet lady in Vancouver. She loves her new condo, and loved leaving everything she didn’t need behind for us to deal with. We helped make her move care-free.

It all boils down to semantics, really. Estate Sale, Moving Sale, Downsizing Sale – it’s all the same to us. The term “estate sale” most commonly brings to mind that someone has passed away, when in reality, we’re happy to say that many of our events are living estates or moving sales, and the original owners of the pieces we handle enjoy the financial benefits provided from their sale.

The biggest difference between a moving situation and true estate liquidation is the timeline – you know when you’re moving! You have the advance notice you need to make us part of the plan at the beginning of the process rather than adding it to the last-minute chaos.

So if you know you’re moving, call us! we can offer an honest evaluation of your situation. Many phone calls start off with, “I don’t know if I have enough for a sale,” and we’re just so happy that they at least knew about our services and felt comfortable enough to call and let us help first by assessing their needs. Don’t be shy! Even if you’re sure you don’t have enough for a sale, we may still be able to offer an alternative that works just right for you. We take great pride in the services we offer because we can take part of the moving responsibilities off our clients' shoulders and get the job done in what often seems to be overnight speed.

While organizing and pricing the collection, we will often pull the most curious and unique pieces and put them up for global auction on ebay. The auctions are timed to end within the duration of the on-site event and be included with reporting and payments.

We offer a comprehensive solution and peace of mind. It really can be as simple as it sounds.

For more information on our moving sale management services, please call for a no-obligation consultation.