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Don't do it all for NOTHING!

Your mind's made up. You're doing the sale yourself. Good for you! We're the last ones to say that it can't be done, or "it's too much work," or argue that it isn't a very interesting and fun project. We KNOW it is! We love this work so much, that it has become an unexpected career choice for everyone on the PEERLESS team.

If you've got the time and the energy to prepare a family member's estate sale or your own moving sale, get ready for an experience you won't soon forget. We promise, it's like remodeling a house yourself -- lots of fun to do...


Here are some important things for you to consider right now: You can't throw any sale together the morning of, or the night before. A successful event comes from careful preparation before you open to the public, and good planning for the things you'll face while you're open to the public.

The nickel-n-dime days on the secondary market are gone. If you have even the slightest idea of having dime and quarter price tags on things in your sale, why even bother? It's NOT worth the time you'll be investing. You're going to work too hard -- don't do it for too little!

PEERLESS Estate Sales offers a consulting service to help you make the most of your event -- and especially, make the most from your event. You've agreed to do the job yourself, we're sure, for one very important reason: not paying commission to a company like ours and keeping that money as compensation for your own labor. We understand! The clients who pay us a commission to liquidate an entire home do not have the same ability, interest, or enthusiasm that you have. And many of our clients are from out of town, so of course having us take care of the sale is the right solution for them.

You're a different kind of Client! and your success is just as important to us.

If you do all the work, you deserve the spoils. However, if you do all the work, but price your items so low you're practically giving them away - and don't manage the event profitably and in a manner which meets your overall goals, choosing not to have a professional liquidator do the job can result in very high costs -- meaning you'll realize far less profit from the sale and you had to do all the work.

That's just not a smart decision - and you could make it without even knowing.

You don't have to be alone!

Why be shy or afraid to ask for help? We learn something new every day in this business, and we'll never admit to knowing it all! But we do it every day. If reselling estate goods isn't your business, how can you be expected to know how to price things? We love what we do and we're happy to share our experience to save you some headaches and help you make money from your sale -- a LOT more money from your sale.

This is not an appraisal service! You're hiring us to come in and price your items for sale. You're hiring us to use our experience from selling thousands of pieces a week to assign the prices which we know estate sale shoppers can and do pay.

Are you sure you've found all the valuables?

Clients who choose this service can go to sleep at night knowing they did a responsible job for their families and didn't miss any treasures or pieces with significant value. Is it an old vase you might have put a dollar on, or a collectible piece of early American art pottery we might suggest you price in the hundreds? That's a very real and common example of the kind of mistake you shouldn't be willing to make.

Our consulting service is charged on an hourly basis: $50 per hour per person. We come armed with pricing guns and KNOWLEDGE! We can work quickly and not be slowed down, as you might be, by emotion and memories. Proper identification and pricing of just one item can more than pay for our services. We're neither emotionally or financially involved with the pieces as you may be, so naturally we can work very efficiently and get the job done quickly for you.

Our services should not be thought of as an expense of your project!

Call us because you want the sale to generate additional income many times the cost of the consulting service. We mean it - we can practically guarantee it.

And yes, we're sorry. There's MORE!

A successful and profitable sale isn't just in the pricing.

Our business is far more complicated than it looks.

If you're managing your own sale, you'll find out soon enough.

A recent consulting client admitted while referring to the full-service estate sale work we do, "you guys really earn your money.

I've been working here for two weeks!"

But he hadn't even opened his sale yet!

We talked to him about his plan - and we're happy to know, he now has one! He got a crash course in Estate Sales. There were so many things he was not prepared for, and had not even thought of needing.... he's glad we were there.

How do you get them to come to the sale?

How to write an effect ad.

How do you work with them when they do come to the sale?

How do you keep it fun?

How do you keep your sanity!

What do you do with the things that are left?

(how can you keep from having anything left!)
To make a long story a little shorter, we're here to help. If you've got a sale to produce and this sounds like a smart decision, get us on your calendar: