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Our consignment services are so popular, we try not to advertise!

Price-n-Pack Service
In addition to our core business which is liquidating private homes, we provide the same service to clients who have the same liquidation needs live in an apartment, condominium, or private community which will not accommodate a public sale. Our operation is so efficient, we can sort, price, pack and clean a two bedroom condominium in 6-8 hours. Valuables, furniture, clothing, and misc. house wares are processed and distributed to our choice of selling venues where each item will sell for the best possible price in a short amount of time. We handle trash, sweep and vacuum before we go -- leaving the property empty and clean, just like with our estate and moving sale services!
Price-n-Pack service not currently offered in California
Drop-Off Service
We've had many of the same consignment clients dropping off things with us to sell FOR YEARS! They receive checks on a regular basis and are pleased with the service because it matches the pace at which they are able to sort things and make decisions to keep or sell. It is typically not a good match of service and client when only one or two things are to be sold. We are a liquidator and our habits and resources are accustomed to larger quantities of things. We work best with clients who see our service as a solution to a problem and are able to value the success by looking at the "big picture" rather than the piece-by-piece selling prices of each individual item. We may sell something that YOU valued highly at a very low price, but the opposite is more often true! -that we sell something you thought was nearly worthless for LOTS of money!
The Anti-Storage Unit Company
We like to think of ourselves as the anti-storage unit company. We understand that in some situations, when you need a space emptied in a hurry, the all-consuming storage unit is an easy answer. Is making the monthly payment on your storage unit easier than actually dealing with the stuff? Here’s a suggestion:
Sell it all.
It can be quick, easy and profitable. PEERLESS Associates will be happy to assist you and advise how this service can become part of your plan. A simple consignment agreement is required with fees as straight commission based on sales, and appraisal services are not included.
When absolutely necessary, we do take entire storage units on consignment. We cannot, however, offer any kind of sorting service. When calling with a storage unit challenge, please be able to describe the contents. Quality, condition, makers etc. are helpful but know that large items are difficult to sell. Furniture can be dated - and not in a good way. Mattresses may have to be disposed of at our labor, but your cost. We like boxes of small things - whether they are collectibles or household goods rarely matters. We are a service company, not antique dealers. We like to sell what people buy. That's what makes it worth our time! We are likely to ask if you can provide photos of the items. This may include a photo of the storage unit as it currently sits giving us an idea of labor and the space we'll need. But better photos might be from when the items were in their last home. You may find a photo of your living room furniture in an old holiday photo, for example.
Consignment services are provided at an even split - 50% commission is retained by PEERLESS Estate Sales. Consignment sales reports and payments are mailed on or about the 15th of the month following the month of sale. We only track items on an individual basis that are assigned values of $50 or higher. Items of lesser value are often reported back in general categories. We do not itemize the handling or sale of general household goods - but we absolutely sell them every week!
Storage unit liquidation services not available in California