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Choosing a company to manage an estate sale after a loved one has passed on is usually something that is not pre-planned. We understand that estate liquidation is a matter which requires careful consideration by family members during a very stressful and often emotionally challenging time. The added responsibility of selling belongings, cleaning a home, and preparing the property itself for sale can feel nearly overwhelming.

PEERLESS Estate Sales has served the greater Portland metropolitan area since 2000. With an exciting introduction in Palm Springs, CA and the neighboring cities in the Coachella Valley, we continue to take great pride in the services we offer. We can take these huge tasks off our clients' shoulders and get the job done in what often seems to be overnight speed. Our clients offer the highest compliment when they describe the work we do as respectful and professional. While conducting our work, words like respect and dignity resonate in everything we do while handling the personal collection of a lifetime.

We insist that ours is a relationship business which grows with good referrals. Mutual trust and confidence begin each new successful client experience.

The PEERLESS team is a diversified knowledge base - each of us with different areas of interest and pricing knowledge. Week after week, we work closely together to assign Fair Market Value prices to period furniture, fine art, and unique collectibles as well as general household goods, tools, small appliances, musical instruments, books, clothing and more. Internet resources, auction records, and collector guides are often useful tools, as well as independent specialty appraisers who may be consulted to assist with Fair Market Values of Persian rugs, Asian Antiquities, and fine jewelry.

It is our goal to sell the estate collection quickly at the highest possible prices. Visual merchandising is a special talent we excel at! We professionally display and prepare every item we encounter - often using our creative merchandising talents and tools to make "something out of nothing." We have only one chance to work with any given collection of things and it is our intent to make the very best sale from every household in which we are entrusted.

We provide display cases and tables, professional table drapes and skirting, ticketing and marking supplies, signs and shopping bags as well as electronic cash registers, merchant card processing (credit/debit cards) complete with e-mail or text receipts! During the days of the sale, we will provide staff to assist shoppers, monitor restricted areas of the house if necessary, and when customer traffic is anticipated in response to a remarkable collection of merchandise, a doorman will be assigned to the entrance for an additional presence of security and customer service.

PEERLESS Estate Sales' targeted advertising, brand recognition, and reputation in the mail, in the paper, on the Internet, and on the street guarantee a successful estate liquidation event week after week.

Not only will you find us knowledgeable and resourceful about the value of the estate collection, we also know who wants to buy! We know in which publications and websites to advertise, how to write the ads without being misleading, which items to highlight without creating unfair hype, and how to get the buyers there! PEERLESS Estate Sales maintains an exclusive database of over 2,000 collectors, clients, and dealers who are always interested in buying the kind of items you may have available. We track our customer's purchasing history, collectible interests, and in many cases -- manage current open orders!

Our customer list includes local dealers as well as "retail" buyers who will who will be your estate sale's first visitors -- often by the hundreds at the opening hour of each event!

Remember, our fee is based on a percentage of the total sales so you can count on us to get the very best prices we can. Our goal is to maximize the income potential of the estate while providing industry-leading service to our customers and special care to our client and their individual goals.

A signed agreement is required at the time of the booking (reservation of the dates) and this can be done in person or via e-mail using simple electronic signatures via DocuSign. At least four days working alone in the home with the merchandise for sale directly preceding sale days is required. More time may be needed depending on the size of the estate and condition of the property. A 2 week setup may be rewarded by an additional day of selling at full price!

For more information regarding our estate and moving sale management services, please call our office to schedule a no-fee consultation by an experienced Project Manager.